About Me

I earned my undergraduate degree in philosophy at Trinity College, Hartford in 2006. My honors thesis was advised by Rebecca Newberger Goldstein, whose philosophy of science classes originally got me interested in the conceptual foundations of quantum mechanics. I spent my third year of my undergraduate degree studying abroad in the philosophy track at King’s College, London.

In 2009, I earned an M.A. in the Philosophical Foundations of Physics program at Columbia University. My thesis was entitled Wavefunction Ontology and Formal Enactment and was advised by David Z. Albert.

I began my degree at Maryland in 2009. My work during my PhD primarily focused on quantum information and the sense in which foundational progress can be made in quantum theory within that framework. I also worked extensively on the conceptual implications of closed time-like curve assisted quantum computational circuits. I spent the fall semester of 2014 as a visiting research scholar in the Rotman Institute of Philosophy at Western University in London, Ontario.

I completed my PhD in 2015, and took two-year position as a postdoctoral fellow at the Rotman Institute, working on issues in the foundations of physics. My supervisor was Wayne Myrvold.

I spent the 2017-2018 academic year as a faculty lecturer in the Critical Writing Program at the University of Pennsylvania, teaching writing seminars on topics from the philosophy of science.

During the 2019-2020 academic year, I was a Senior Lecturer in the philosophy department at The Ohio State University, teaching Engineering Ethics and Logic.

I am an Assistant Professor Educator in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Cincinnati.

I grew up in Yarmouth, Maine, a small town just north of Portland. When not working on philosophy, I enjoy playing with my slowly expanding guitar and amplifier collection.